ABOUT the owner

Yoko Iida / 飯田洋子 


大学時代に「当たり前を疑う」学問の楽しさに目覚め、修士課程へ進学、文化人類学を専攻。「異文化」や「他者」についての理解を深めたいという思いから、研究者を志すようになり、米国の大学院へ留学。アジア学修士号 (M.A. in Asian Studies)、社会学博士号 (Ph.D. in Sociology) を取得。 






Born in Kanagawa, Japan in 1978.
While being a very cheerful child, my mother's passing at the age of 7 had left a deep impression of solitude in my character. Thus, it has become my nature to enjoy not only my time with friends, but also my quiet time alone.
After obtaining a master's degree in anthropology, I moved to the United States and lived there for ten years for my doctoral study, research, and beyond, then returned to Japan in 2012.
As I worked in the field of public policy, focusing mainly on women and children's health and happiness, always in my mind was a question: what is true happiness in human life?
Yoga and Chi Nei Tsang helped me to find my answer to the life-long question.
Through my own experience with Yoga and Chi Nei Tsang, which has deeply changed my being, I began to wish to deliver their gift to as many individuals as possible.
Thus, I started my private salon Bliss in my hometown Kamakura in 2022.
I enjoy traveling islands and long boarding in my free time.

< 関連資格 >

・日本チネイザン協会 公認プラクティショナー
 (Certified Practitioner, Japan Chi Nei Tsang Institute)
・TaoZen®公認 セルフ・チネイザン・インストラクター
(Certified Self-Chi Nei Tsang Instructor, TaoZen®)
・全米ヨガアライアンス 認定ヨガ指導者(RYT200)
・全米ヨガアライアンス 認定キッズヨガ指導者(RCYT95)
・一般社団法人ヨーガ教育会 認定ヨーガ哲学指導者
  (Certified Yoga Philosophy Instructor)
・Child Assault Prevention (CAP)スペシャリスト
・Access Bars® Certified Practitioner
・Access Energetic Facelift® Certified Practitioner
・社会学博士(Ph.D. in Sociology)